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Who owns Manchester United Football Club?

4th February 2011

The Glazers don't speak to the fans and they don't like the fans knowing about their business, even when this is in the public domain.

The Andersred blog has been a thorn in their side since the release of the Bond brochure - the publication (and Andersreds's analysis of it) that started off the Green and Gold protests this time last year.

The blog reports that the Glazers' latest move to try and keep their dealings secret has been to reorganise the holding companies that own Manchester United and base these in Delaware, a US state that puts less information in the public domain about the companies registered there than most off-shore tax havens.

This is of course smoke and mirrors - that might not have mattered under most circumstances - but in this case the Glazers own a heavily mortgaged English football club, not a heavily mortgaged shopping precinct and there are rules.

Premier League rules require member clubs to keep the Premier League informed at all times as to the identities of their ultimate owners.

The FA also requires to know since it is charged with implementing the 'Owner's and Director's test' (the fit and proper person's test) Correction: Apparently they don't anymore. See here

IMUSA has approached both the Premier League and the Football Association to ask two simple questions

'Who owns Manchester United Football Club?' and

'If you are unable to tell us because of some confidentiality clause, can you assure us that you at least know for certain who the owners of Manchester United Football Club are?'

These questions were asked on 2nd February and the PL has yet to reply

The Department of Culture Media and Sport have also been informed and we are told that there is concern that neither the PL nor the FA (both organisations charged with the soon to be investigated 'self regulation' of the game) were able to give answers to these simple and straightforward questions immediately.

Our further concern is that the football authorities still feel able to speak of community based football clubs in the Premier League when the details of Manchester United Football Club's owners are no longer in the public domain.