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United told to amend information given to Select Committee

14th March 2011

Manchester United have had to amend misleading information given to the football governance Select Committee last week by chief executive David Gill.

Charlie Sale, The Daily Mail, 13th March 2011

The United boss, defending the owning Glazer regime, told MPs the club’s net spend on players since the American takeover in 2005 had been greater than in the five or six years previously.

United watchers were quick to alert committee members that Gill was wrong and club accounts showed United’s net spend from 2001-05 was £80.4million compared to £56m from 2006-10 [reported by Andersred and on this site on the day of Gill's submission].

Gill had not included the 2009 world record £80m transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in his calculations because United say they regard that as an extraordinary one-off that was not planned and the money was still available for future transfer targets [as if this was somehow a plausible excuse].

The club contacted the Select Committee to explain the ‘inaccuracy’ and were told by the clerk they could add an explanatory footnote to the official transcription of Gill’s evidence.

However, at least one MP on the governance inquiry wants a full written submission from Gill explaining his comments or even him being summoned to reappear before the committee.

A United spokesperson said: ‘The clerk was happy we provided a footnote. It’s no big deal.’