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Independent Manchester United Supporters Association

IMUSA is opposed to BSkyB's proposed takeover of Manchester United. This bid can and will be defeated. Don't believe it's inevitable - apathy is our biggest enemy. Thousands of reds around the world have already joined the fight and many businesses and prominent figures have pledged their support. For instance this webspace and domain were donated free by XTML - a Manchester based Internet Solutions Company - thanks in part at least to a fanatical red on their board. And it doesn't stop there - we've been given office space, top legal advice and the support of local MP's amongst the many other offers of help that have flooded in from reds all around the world. That's in just a few short days.

"But I think the bid sounds OK!"
If you think this bid could be good for Manchester United and it's supporters - that's exactly what many of your fellow reds thought too, initially. On the main MUFC mailing lists well over half of list members were PRO the deal in the early days after it was unveiled - now over 90% are AGAINST. Why? Because they've seen an alternative view of the deal that'll never be presented in Murdoch's media. Take a look at some facts or look at what others have to say about Murdoch.

"I'm not sure either way"
If you're not sure either way - you're against it. Manchester United is already a successful football club and a profitable business - a very rare combination. So why take the risk with the kind of operators behind BSkyB - there's nothing to be gained, unless you believe the Murdoch press!

"I KNOW in my guts - IT'S BAD"
You share what is now the view of the vast majority of reds and practically every other football fan. If you've already seen the light and you want to make a difference then you can find out about the latest activities and submit your own comments and suggestions by subscribing to the IMUSA mailing list.

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You must get involved before it's too late. This is one battle we can't stand and watch from the sidelines.

Most importantly please take a look at the Action Plan

If you've got some better ideas post them to the mailing list ([email protected]) - but you must have already subscribed to the list.