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Muck about Murdoch

Extracts from Andrew Neil's book "Full Disclosure" compiled by IMUSA member Pete Harwood.

Save Our Game - United for United
The full text of the document IMUSA produced after the BSkyB bid was announced. This document made its first appearance at the Bridgewater Hall meeting on 15th September 1998.

Murdoch quotes
A variety of facts about Rupert Murdoch's broken promises and quotes from those who know him. Interesting reading for those who would support BSkyB's bid for United.

Report on the Globalisation of Sport
This short paper looks in its entirity at the involvement of Rupert Murdoch in sport. In particular the resulting impacts of his involvement on the individual sports themselves.

Magazine and newspaper articles

Fan Power
Andy Walsh tells how ordinary football fans enlisted help from around the world to stop Rupert Murdoch buying Manchester United.

Red crusader waiting for Sky to fall in
Interview with IMUSA chair Andy Walsh in the Guardian (30/03/99).

Mismatch? The BSkyB bid to buy Manchester United
This is a link to an article which appears on the Sportsjones website.

Article in Tribune by Jonathan Michie
Jonathan Michie explains how football can provide some of the answers for a Government in search of a mission.

End of the line for the Dirty Digger?
An article from The Entrepreneur looking at the financial, business and political issues surrounding the BSkyB bid. This article offers a different perspective for those of us who don't normally read the business press, but it's well worth a read.

Sell-off that is now a sell-out
Sport is paying the price for allowing money men to move the goalposts. Neil Wilson, writing in the Daily Mail, 18th November, on how TV is calling the tune.

Ensley Bingham stories
Spot the difference! Two versions of the same story side by side. On its own, one version is worrying, but you can draw your own conclusions as to why the second version is different.

Everything to play for as Murdoch gets rattled
Following Peter Mandelson's referral of the BSkyB bid to the MMC, and Rupert Murdoch's subsequent outburst, this piece by Jim White explains why there is still everything to play for.

Jeremy Corbyn article
The October's Labour Left Briefing has published a piece from Jeremy Corbyn MP attacking the Sky take-over.

Independent interview with Andy Walsh
A copy of the interview with IMUSA chair Andy Walsh by the Independent on Sunday (25/10/98).

Judging books by looking at covers, or playing by Aussi rules
E-mail posting from Paul Windridge which was too good to be lost amongst the daily postings.

Murdoch goes for double with Club and TV deal
News report about the BSkyB bid (8th September 1998).

Mandelson impartial but friend of family
A Guardian news report about Mandelson's friendship with Elisabeth Murdoch (8th September 1998).

The Passing Game
An article by Tony Smith which first appeared in "Red News".
[Courtesy of Red News]

The Martin Edwards interview
"United We Stand" interviews Martin Edwards over the BSkyB takeover.
[Courtesy of United We Stand]

When Saturday Comes article
An article written by Richard Lander which appears in "When Saturday Comes" (October 98).
[Courtesy of When Saturday Comes]

The Pride of all Europe?
An excellent article about Vichy France. "What relevance does this have to the BSkyB takeover?" you might ask. Read it and see.
[Courtesy of Red Issue]

No to Murdoch
An IMUSA article which appeared in the United fanzines explaining the reasoning behind IMUSA's opposition to the BSkyB bid.

Fair Trading and the MMC

IMUSA's second submission to the OFT
This second IMUSA paper, submitted to the OFT in September, details the potential impact on competition of the BSkyB bid for Manchester United.

IMUSA at the MMC
On Friday 11th December IMUSA went to the Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester to meet the MMC. Mark Southee was one of the IMUSA delegation and this is his report of how the day went.

Murdoch's involvement with Newspapers
A request for information regarding Rupert Murdoch's involvement in Newspapers was posted to the IMUSA mailing list. Here is the response which may help you with your submission to the MMC.

Jon Leigh's MMC submission
Member's submission to the MMC posted on the IMUSA mailing list.

Paul Windridge's MMC submission
Member's submission to the MMC posted on the IMUSA mailing list.

IMUSA's submission to the OFT
A copy of the document submitted by IMUSA to the Office of Fair Trading over the BSkyB bid.

Letter from Joe Ashton M.P.
A letter from Joe Ashton M.P., writing as Chairman of the All Party Football Group, to Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

House of Lords Debate
Debate in the House of Lords 19th October 1998.

Submission to the OFT
The Government's Football Task Force did not make an official submission to the Office of Fair Trading but this submission comes from a group of individuals who happen to be on the Task Force.

The End of the World as We Know It
The MMC decision on the BSkyB deal, the Restrictive Practices case and the appointment of Graham Kelly's successor make the coming months some of the most important in football history.

Campaign News Leaflet 14/11/98
The Campaign News leaflet distributed at the Blackburn Rovers game in November.

Lobby of Parliament 27/10/98
Football fans take their appeal to the Houses of Parliament in an effort to persuade Peter Mandelson to refer the BSkyB bid for Manchester United to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.

Campaign News Leaflet 17/10/98
The Campaign News leaflet distributed at the Wimbledon game keeping supporters up-to-date.

Sneaking In Through the Back Door
Adam Brown looks at BSkyB's alternative strategy now that their bid to buy Manchester United has been blocked.
[File size = 49K - Prints on 12 pages]

Bringing the Game into Disrepute? The BSkyB Bid for Manchester United PLC
Simon Lee examines the BSkyB bid and its implications within the context of developments in the political economy of English football in the last decade. He explains why he thinks the Blair Government is unlikely to challenge the privileged role of big business in the future governance of English football.
[File size = 102K - Prints on 21 pages]

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