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Report from Barcelona
Although many Reds look enviously at the way Barcelona Football Club is run, all is not well in Catalonia, as IMUSA Chair and Press Officer discovered whilst most Reds were sampling the Barcelona nightlife.

Statutes of Barcelona FC
Barcelona FC is often held up as an example of how a Football Club can be owned by its fans. Here, thanks to Steve Davies, we have a translation from Catalan of the Statutes under which Barcelona operates.

From Barnsley to the Green Bay Packers - local and fan ownership
Jonathan Michie & Shay Ramalingam argue that mutual organisations are effective in removing stakeholder conflict and that this form of organisation would suit the culture, ethos and objectives of football clubs. The paper discusses how this might be institutionalised through the progressive transfer of shares to Trust status.
[File size = 51K - Prints on 10 pages]

Accounting for footballers and football clubs
Jonathan Michie and Shraddha Verma look at if and how footballers should be taken into account on the balance sheets.
[File size = 66K - Prints on 13 pages]

Strategic Decisions and the Public Interest
Modern Corporations and the Case of Soccer

Rob Branston, Keith Cowling, Nestor Duch Brown, Jonathan Michie and Roger Sugden discuss the governance of modern corporations and the case for football.
[File size = 74K - Prints on 15 pages]

Football Clubs as Social or Financial Institutions?
Sean Hamil discusses the 'social' element of football and argues that the contribution of 'fan equity' towards the financial success of clubs is not fully appreciated by their current owners or the game's regulators.
[File size = 48K - Prints on 10 pages]

The Evolution of Irish PLC Co-operatives - Lessons for English Football Clubs
Ann Bourke investigates the success of Co-operatives in the Irish dairy industry and looks at the parallels with English Football.
[File size = 37K - Prints on 8 pages]

Ownership and governance options for football clubs
Jonathan Michie and Andy Walsh look at the current trend of Football Clubs to become PLCs and discuss a variety of alternative forms of ownership.
[File size = 53K - Prints on 11 pages]

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