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Independent Manchester United Supporters Association

Mr Gerhard Aigner
Chemin de la Redoute 54
Nyon 2


Dear Sir,

Following alarming news of the ticket allocations given to both Manchester United and Bayern Munich for the European Cup Final on May 26th 1999 at the Nou Camp in Barcelona, we really must object in the strongest possible terms.

Whilst we welcome the increase in the allocation announced today, from 25,000 to 30,000 to the competing teams, in response to concerns expressed to UEFA, we still feel that more tickets could and should be made available if required.

The allocation of 30,000 for each club is very small considering the capacity at the Nou Camp.

May I draw your attention to recent problems at the game between Inter Milan and Manchester United on Wednesday 17th March 1999 in Milan. The ticket allocation given to Manchester United fans for that game in no way reflected demand and caused massive black market activity coupled with major safety and security problems at the ground (see IMUSA report entitled "Manchester United Fans in Europe" - April 99).

Black market ticket activity and crowd segregation are completely linked and we must stress our deep concerns for crowd safety and security if demands for tickets, from the two sets of supporters, are not reasonably met. It is an unrealistic view just to make statements that fans without tickets should not travel, for, as we all know from long experience of following Manchester United in Europe, the fans WILL travel for this, the biggest game for Manchester United for 31 years.

We are in contact with Bayern Munich supporters groups who are of the same opinion as ourselves about this matter.

We urge you to act quickly to increase again the allocations to each club involved, so that many more tickets can be distributed through the clubs with much less chance of tickets arriving on the black market and the subsequent problems which WILL ensue.

May I take this opportunity to restate the IMUSA policy that fans should be included in all the decision making processes for big games such as this. We are available for consultation and comment, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to a speedy reply.

Yours sincerely

Ray Eckersley
IMUSA Committee Member for European Travel.

cc. David Davies The FA, Ken Merrett Manchester United F.C., Kate Hoey Home Office, Tony Banks Sports Minister


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