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The following is the text of Early Day Motion 1675. It is vital to maintain the political pressure in Parliament. Please can everyone contact their MP and ask them to sign the EDM, quoting the number 1675.

We have recently been told that MUFC plc have employed the political lobby firm GJW, the largest political lobby firm in the land. This is in addition to News International already employing the lobbyists Lawson, Lucas, Mendelson and BSkyB retaining the services of lobbyists Lowe, Bell. It is clear that the supporters of the BSkyB bid have learnt a hard lesson from IMUSA and SUAM's campaign namely, that the support of MPs is a crucial factor in this bid. Encouraged no doubt by the white flag being waved by the likes of Graham Stringer, those who support the deal will want to build their own block of support in Parliament. Get your MP to sign the EDM now and inform them of the moves by MUFC and BSkyB to obtain Parliamentary support.

You can check if your MP has already signed at:

Please note that Ministers are not allowed to sign EDMs so if your MP offers that excuse you will have to accept it.

Early Day Motion 1675

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That this House objects to the agreement where BSkyB Television will purchase Manchester United Plc; feels that this will create a unacceptable situation where BSkyB becomes both the biggest purchaser of televised football and also the owner of Europe's largest football club; is certain that this is not in the best public interest of fans, clubs or television viewers and sport in general; and calls upon the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to refer the proposed takeover to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission in addition to setting up a full inquiry into the funding of football by television, in all its aspects.