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To Nike, Vodafone, Budweiser, Ladbrokes, Fuji, Dimension Data, Pepsi, Audi, Wilkinson Sword, Manchester United Merchandise Ltd and all other companies who benefit from commercial deals or partnerships with Manchester United PLC.
I, the undersigned, am totally opposed to the attempted takeover of Manchester United by Malcolm Glazer and his family.
It is my belief that his interest in my football club is motivated entirely by money he thinks he can make from our club. A large part of this money comes from the commercial arrangements you have with the club. It is my intention to make his, and your, business plans unworkable.
By signing this pledge I am stating, categorically, that in the event of a Glazer takeover, I will boycott all of your products and services and will lobby all my fellow supporters, families and friends to do the same.
This will apply not only to products and services sold directly through the club or its outlets, but also to all your other outlets worldwide, and all your products, whether they are related to Manchester United or not.
If such a boycott is called, it will be for life and not just for the tenure of any Glazer regime.
Yours, the undersigned.
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