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UEFA Champions League final - ticket allocation

Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your correspondence concerning the allocation of tickets to the clubs taking part in the UEFA Champions League final in Barcelona on 26 May 2020.

First of all, while we have every understanding for the concerns that you express, we feel we must clarify certain items raised not only by yourself, but by other supporters.

  • Although the Barcelona Stadium is allowed to admit 98,000 spectators for Spanish League matches, the total capacity for this final has been fixed at 90,000 for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is security. A certain number of seats are being kept free of spectators to separate the groups of supporters. In addition, the stadium infrastructure for this match must be in accordance with the UEFA Champions League concept as regards TV coverage and needs of the media in general required the installation of a considerable amount of temporary media facilities in the spectator area.

  • Given that the two clubs are each receiving 30,000 tickets, and a further 20,000 have been offered to the general public on the local and international market, it appears reasonable to us that the remaining 10,000 tickets have been set aside for the Spanish Football Federation, as hosts of the final, as well as for UEFA member associations, commercial partners and for UEFA for its own internal use.

The European Football Union was fully aware that a match of this importance, featuring two teams with large fan bases, would create a massive demand for tickets, consequently the ticket allocation for each finalist has been DOUBLED in comparison to previous UEFA Champions League finals in the past. Yet we understand that it will not be possible to satisfy the requirements of every fan. Unfortunately, certain supporters will be disappointed.

We hope that you are able to understand UEFA's point of view in this matter. If you are one of the fortunate spectators who is able to obtain a ticket for this major football event, we wish you an enjoyable and memorable evening in Barcelona.

Yours faithfully


Thomas Kurth
Head of the Club Competitions' Department