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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at O'Brien's on Thursday 13th May, 1999.


  1. Welcome and Chair's Report
  2. Secretary's Report
  3. Treasurer's Report
  4. Minutes 98
  5. Election
  6. A.0.B.
  7. New Committee

1. Welcome and Chair's Report

AW welcomed all present to the 4th AGM. The format of the meeting was outlined - there would first be the AGM and following the election and formation of the new committee a general meeting would be held to appoint the officers and to discuss the way ahead for the next twelve months.

As the old committee was now dissolved the AGM would be run be all attending.

IMUSA has now been going for 4 years even though the club wanted to ignore us in the hope that we would disappear. But we are still here - stronger and more efficient. The last twelve months have been the most momentous in our history. We have had contact ftom every single continent and the membership is strong (but carry on recruiting). We have taken enquiries every day from the press on a wide range of ManU related topics. We took on and defeated the most powerful business man in the world, even though there was a large degree of apathy amongst many Utd supporters - but we did not allow Murdoch to walk over Manchester. We have all come to the same conclusion though - that the club is effectively up for sale if the price is right. and with this in mind SUAM who formed to fight the take over bid, will now reform as Shareholders United and are aiming to establish a trust to use their voice against the Directors of the club.

The support of the FSA, the formation of COFS and the support we received from all league clubs was highlighted.

A personal vote of thanks was expressed by the Chair to all members, committee and officers for personal support. Many people had put a lot of hard work into the campaign both before the take over bid was made official, and during the campaign. Nobody really gave us a chance at defeating the bid but we did it, though there can be no resting on laurels as there is still a lot of work to be done.

Looking forward - we are on the verge of the most important era in history - as football fans we should enjoy this next month.

There is to be a conference of football fans to be held in July organised by Jonathon Mickie to allow views to be aired.

There has been a book commissioned regarding the campaign against the take over. Fans were urged to help and support COFS.

We have developed links with international supporters groups and advice and input was wanted from other groups in this country. The website gang had to be congratulated for all their hard work.

And finally congratulations were expressed to everybody for what had been achieved.

2. Secretary's Report

This was available on a separate handout, covering all the work that had been done and thanking all responsible.

3. Treasurer's Report

DK presented a comprehensive report to the meeting, available as a separate handout. Steve Dunbar was elected as auditor.

AW emphasised on the amount of letters we receive that need replies and the subsequent cost to IWSA if no SAE is included.

4. Minutes 97/98

Accepted as true and correct. No questions arising.

5. Election

Retirements were announced and new proposals made. There was a general debate regarding number off committee members - because more than 20 were standing. The decision was put to the floor - it was decided that 20 out of 23 had to be elected. Apologies were made for no official ballot papers. Members were reminded that committee meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month (during the football season).

5. A.0.B.

  1. Votes by proxy - members were urged to ask for contact.
  2. Constitution - this is being dealt with

Roger Brierley - Treasurer SUAM - thanked IMUSA for all their hard work and hoped that ties between the two would get stronger.

6. New Committee

Mike Adams, Adam Brown, Monica Brady, Nick Clay, Tom Cusack, Duncan Drasdo, Ray Eckersley, Sarah Hatton, Lee Hodgkiss, Gillian Howarth, Dave Kirkwood, Mark Longden, Dave Pye, Chris Robinson, Mike Shepherd, Paul Sneyd, Mark Southee, Eddie Taylor, Andy Walsh, Rob Wilson.

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