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Communications Officer Report 2000/2001

Mail Outs

The season began on a wave of optimism with Peter Kenyon unveiling plans for the Fans' Forum. IMUSA took on the task of sending out over 2000 forms to members current and ex to try and get as many of "our" supporters onto the forum as possible. At least one IMUSA member - John Wroe - was selected from the forum through those efforts.

The most recent mail out was concerning the AGM. It was not possible to mail out in line with the demands of the constitution for reasons already documented. Phil Shaw played a key role in ensuring the AGM flyers were produced and distributed to all members.


The impact of the organisation's financial concerns meant the third newsletter of the season had to be abandoned. Under direction from the then-Treasurer, the second newsletter was reduced to four pages instead of the six-pager which had become the norm last year.

Though only ten pages have been distributed to members, the newsletter has many more contributors - regular and otherwise - than before. Those ten pages contained more words than many footballers' autobiographies (and a lot more content!) and it is important that all IMUSA members feel they can make a contribution. The newsletter now links to the web site and e-mail discussion lists much more closely than before and thanks go to Linda Harvey and Monica in particular for their contribution.

Thanks also go to Ray for his photo's, Phil Shaw (again) for putting the newsletter together. Thanks also to Gareth Jones for his patience this year.

When I started working on the newsletter, just prior to United's 1996 'double', I wasn't based in Manchester. Thus once I had finished putting the finishing touches to the newsletter with Phil, I thought the hard work had been done. In fact this is the easy bit - getting the newsletters out to members is no easy task as I have found out.

The mini-army of 'stuffers' receive no praise at all, in particular those who do the task without feeling the need to drain my fridge of Stella as recompense (and therefore do the job much more efficiently)! So thanks go to Sarah, Sue, Sue, Eddie, Alan, Paul Sneyd, John Wroe and many others. The rest can get their own next time!


With the lack of Newsletters the fanzines have been the primary source of distributing information. Thirteen IMUSA columns have featured in the four fanzines this season. Thanks go to the editors of those publications for space and patience. Thanks also to Andy Walsh for assisting in ensuring those articles go out and also for his own contributions.


Increasingly the Internet is being used by IMUSA members to keep up to date. Linda, Monica, Mark Southee and Duncan Drasdo amongst others in playing a role in that work.

At Christmas a number of committee members met to form an outline plan for developing communications links. My failure to implement that plan in view of work pressures has helped convince me of the need to step aside in this present role. I hope to continue playing a role in developing the newsletter.

As soon as this AGM is complete a newsletter will be produced. I hope members of the committee will assist my successor to put that newsletter together through their articles and editorial input.

I also welcome the decision of the Officers to recommend to the AGM the re-introduction of a dedicated Press Officer to take the strain off our Chairman.

As the Officer's reports have indicated the value of the constitution has already been underlined, even if not quite as foreseen. My thanks go to the other officers in particular Mark Longden, for the support and patience they have shown over this season.

Nick Clay

1995-2003 IMUSA