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Membership Report 2000/2001

The season has been one of lost opportunities as far as the membership office is concerned. Last summer we had a membership 'summit', which I saw as an opportunity to put in place procedures to improve both the recruitment and retention of members. Sadly most of the ideas were dismissed as being too expensive.

However, the feeling amongst the officers is that those barriers have now been removed, and another summit, based on the original document, will again be held in the coming weeks. We did eventually get a pilot direct debit renewal scheme of the ground, but to date I think only one person has take us up on this. This is an area we need to publish more widely in the coming season. Anyone with any ideas on the subject is willing to attend, or send suggestions to me to discuss.

Items to be discussed include:

One annual renewal date

On line joining

Allowing people to pay for a number of years up-front

The idea is to basically reduce the administration burden on the membership team, whilst improving the response time between joining, and receiving membership information.

It has not all been bad news. The number of current members has held. The Kenyon meeting was a big success, and open evenings will always be a good recruitment event. From a personal point of view, letting people know I would be in a pub near the ground before a game was also good on the recruitment front, and it is good to see fairly new members I recruited through this method, wanting to join the committee.

Lastly I would like to thank those who have helped out the membership office over the past year, and I would personally like to thank Rob Wilson for his efforts over the years. Unfortunately Rob had to give up printing out our address labels do to a change of jobs.

Mark Southee

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