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Secretary's Report 2000/2001

Changes to the Officers

This post started the year as a joint post that I shared with Adam Brown. Work commitments have meant that Adam had to step down in the middle of the year. So since that date I have had support from Jules Spencer. I would like to thank the pair of them for their help this year.

The other changes in the Officers this year have revolved around the Treasurers post. Dave Kirkwood was suspended under Article 9 of the constitution and the committee elected Monica Brady as Acting Treasurer.

I would like to thank all the Officers and Committee members for their participation this year.


Although it made the AGM very heavy going last year I feel the organisation has benefited from having a formal constitution. It helped us when dealing with the issues around the Treasurer and has helped us with the planning of the AGM. I would like to thank Nick Clay for all the work he did to put it together. There are some improvements that can be made and some are being proposed this year. Others amendments, such as how to facilitate participation by members who cannot make meetings, will take more thought.

We have not stuck rigidly to the constitution and for this we must apologise. The lack of a clear financial position until too late in the day has meant that we could not go ahead with notifying all members by post and distributing the agenda and reports before tonight's meeting.


In addition to the improvements to the constitution that I have already mentioned there are a few other areas that come within the role of secretary that we should be aiming to do better in.

I feel that we don't always get information out to people who don't attend the monthly meetings. We need to make sure that we are giving timely and good quality information to our members on what is going on.

We also need to keep people better informed about what reports and letters have been written and what has happened to them. Saying who they have gone to and what response we had from them. We are very much reliant on someone remembering that something has been done in the past to stop us from reinventing a report every six months. We have relied until now on someone being at a meeting and remembering. Clearly something that is going to become more difficult as time passes.


Finally I would like to thank everyone who has done reports or letters for us this year. And everyone who has participated in our monthly meetings and the open meetings that we have had this year.

Tom Cusack

1995-2003 IMUSA