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Minutes of IMUSA Committee Meeting; 9/9/99 O'Briens.

Open Meeting

Graham Kelly agreed to do the meeting on October 7th provided we could supply memorabilia to sell and his expenses, which proved the sticking point.

Decision: to see if he will come without costs.

Update: Meeting cancelled. Tony Banks booked for 11 November.

Pre-Match meetings

Agreed that it is a good way of IMSUA members who cannot attend mid-week meetings to get together. Agreed to hold one before Christmas and one soon after .

Decision: first to be held 6/11/99 before match against Leicester at STLC.

Update: Date changed to October 30 due to clash on 6/11 with SU meeting.


Change of logo from ManU to Man Utd (and not before time - sec). Newsletter distributed end of September. Contributors and volunteers for stuffing thanked.


DK - outstanding response - 250 replies by 9/9. LH offered help in analysing results. Applications and renewals in newsletter also worked well.

Decision: to have analysis of results ASAP and results to be publicised widely, including in IMUSA newsletter, and to have input into IMUSA policy.

New Stand

AW: idea of a percentage of tickets to be made available only to personal callers to the ticket office to help local fans' access. DK, ML, MS, MA all spoke in favour of changing the emphasis to youngsters . Important to be seen as making positive suggestions.

Decision: to write to the club with ideas, to be followed by a press release and publicity/campaign afterwards.

AGM Resolution

SU want IMUSA to front 1 or 2 resolutions to the AGM. To do this will require 100 people representing at least 10,000 shares to sign the motion. Gets debate heard; IMUSA's name on the order paper at the AGM.

Decision: to focus on one issue - access for (local) youngsters.

Not For Sale

Not For Sale by AW and AB will be out at the end of October. Not an official history, but a full account of the campaign against Sky. One sale in shops for 9.99, IMUSA will get copies at wholesale SOR and will sell for 10.99 inc. p+p with profits going to the organisation. Also, Jonathan Michie's Game of Two Halves book has been published, with chapters by AB, AW and SU chair, Jonathan Michie.

European report

Ray Eckersly reported that IMUSA's report into problems at European matches has been issued and sent to the FA, the Sports Minister Kate Hoey, Manchester police, MUFC, UEFA, Tony Lewis MP and others.

Update: Report well received by Kate Hoey.


Proposal to send an IMUSA delegation to the Marseilles game on a 'goodwill' mission. Some concern that IMSUA would be held responsible if things go wrong, but agreement that IMUSA could get very good PR from such a trip and help better relations.

Decision: ML and RE to take it forward.

Update: Official delegation idea dropped due to lack of funding despite efforts to get money from a variety of sources, and despite support from Hoey among others. Possibility of establishing contacts with some Marseilles fan groups through NC.

Euro Fans

Following liaison with Barcelona and Bayern fans last season, an internet based email group has been established by Andrew Lindsay and Brian Kavanagh to try and get links with fans across Europe. AL and BK want to establish a European fans group.

Decision: to monitor how the network develops.


ML reported that CoFS had been officially launched with over 100 fans groups and fanzines signing up to the charter and that many had made a financial contribution. Lobby held of Football Task Force meeting where a mock cheque and the CoFS charter were presented. Also support given from PFA who have said they will help fund it.

Ticket Policy

Steve Donahue said that there had been complaints about the way automatic season ticket payments for Champions League games were being bulked together.

Decision: IMUSA to write to the club and find out the policy.


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