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Minutes of IMUSA Committee Meeting Held 9/3/00

Samuel Platts

Committee were informed that IMUSA/SU now have a pre-match venue (Saturday games) from 12noon onwards.


CofS had recently organised a lobby of Parliament to encourage MPs to encourage Kate Hoey to support the Majority Task Force Report.

Mark Longden stated that the lobby had been a success and noticed the presence of supporters' groups who had never been to such an event before.

The committee were also informed that a CoFS flyer was to be included in Supporters Direct literature.

West Stand Tier Two

Committee members were urged to attend one of the two Open Days the club were holding in March. The concept of a Fans Forum, and possible models were also briefly discussed.

Those present were asked to give their views on the proposals as they were understood at that time. Below are some representative comments:


  • IMUSA should only give backing if we can guarantee over-subscription and overflow into Tier 1 Upper;



  • More clarification on who could go into Tier Two;



  • Should lobby for United Road;



  • Wait for feedback from Open Days



  • Section is just a start - go for it!


  • Pricing is an issue not yet resolved;



  • Need more info about stewarding/standing/ no smoking policy;



  • The isolation of the section makes it a non-starter;



  • Should be pitch level and work upwards



  • A letter for clarification was to be sent to Peter Kenyon urging the following;



    1. Reasonable pricing structure in line with the goals of the 'Fan Zone';



    2. The importance of supporters being a part of the stadium and not isolated on an upper deck.



    3. The option for supporters to be relocated into West Lower should they so wish;



    4. A 'buy back' option on an individuals old season ticket to allow supporters a season to decide whether they like the new section;



    5. Abolition of 'no smoking' rules;



    6. Consideration to be given to a Social Club for supporters on non-match days - possibly using the facilities behind club Class.



  • A 'standard' letter to Kenyon was to be placed on the Website



  • An attempt to arrange for Kenyon to attend an IMUSA open meeting would be made.


Newcastle United

Supporters in the SOS campaign were to appeal against the ruling and were trying to raise 10k to get that appeal off the ground.



  • As a gesture towards INUSA, IMUSA were to write to Newcastle United urging them to wipe out costs.



  • Mark Longden suggested a collection be held to assist them in fundraising efforts.



The deadline for contributions would be 24th March. This newsletter would be increased to six pages.


Committee were informed of some technical problems with the members' database. 170 new members from the two public meetings now had to have their forms processed and be mailed. Volunteers stepped forward to assist in this task.

Mike Shepherd announced that due to work commitments he was standing down from the committee but remain a member and supporter of IMUSA. The committee thanked Mike for all his efforts with the membership and the membership survey and hoped he would remain active in the organisation.

European Fixtures

The committee noted that the recent problems - resulting from Steward indifference to provocation from home fans - in Marseilles when Chelsea visited, were not dissimilar to those when the French club hosted the United game.

It was reported that, contrary to recent fanzine reports, IMUSA had been of assistance to Stewart Taylor - the fan who had lost his eye in a missile incident in Marseilles.



  • Mick Meade and Ray Eckersley were to compile a Euro-report focussing on recent fixtures.


Any Other Business


  1. [Club] AGM


    In response to correspondence from Steve Donoghue, a minimum of 110 shareholders (with a combined holding of 100 000 shares) were required to table a resolution at the AGM.



    • Steve Donoghue was to link with Duncan Drasdo and Shareholders United to develop this avenue.



  2. NatFed


    Permission to join the National Federation of Football Supporters , at a cost of 20, was granted.


  3. Middlesboro'


    A letter to the Teeside club had been sent re: our reduced allocation in April. To date no reply had been received.


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