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IMUSA Committee Meeting at O'Briens Stretford 14/12/00


Fans Forum
Ticketing paper


There had been a problem involving United fans and stewards at half time during the Charlton match. A lot of people had slightly differing views as to what had actually happened but a United fan was at that stage being charge with assault. It was decided to wait and see what the outcome was before doing anything.


The next newsletter would be out early in the new year. It was only going to be four pages this time. There are going to be articles on SAFE and the plc AGM. Any other contributions welcome.


There is a revamp currently being undertaken. More use is trying to be made of other websites. Documents are being put on the site in a format that makes them easy to download and view. The users of the site were being ascertained. It would seem that whilst both students and the press were using it as an information resource it was doubtful as to how much members were using it.

Fans Forum

There was a Fans Forum on the 2nd December and Dave Kirkwood attended as IMUSA's representative. The detail can be got from his report but some of the main points follow.

The meeting as a whole was unsatisfactory. The meeting started on tickets but a number of other unannounced topics were introduced. Each of these topics needed more time on their own but also took away from the main topic.

After being pushed the club admitted to supplying around 6,000 tickets per match to about 30 different hospitality firms.

The breakdown of tickets in rounded terms was as follows:

  • Capacity 67,000
  • Season Tickets 37,000
  • LMTB's 6,000
  • Executive facilities 7,000
  • Away Support 3,000
Which leaves 14,000, around 6,000 of which go to hospitality companies leaving 8,000 for members.


In revenue terms:

  • Season tickets provide 42% of the revenue
  • Executives provide 38%
  • day tickets provide 20%


As for away tickets the split was as follows:

  • Season Ticket holders 60%
  • Internal use 10%
  • Exec's 30%
The justification for the large proportion of Exec tickets was that they paid more so deserved more!


All of the other initiatives suggested by Dave or other IMUSA members were brushed off by the club.

It was revealed that there would be a very real chance of moving people within the ground this summer as this would be the first year in a while when there would be no disruption due to building works.

The next meeting, in February, would look at ground atmosphere and facilities.

It was decided that a letter would go from IMUSA expressing our disapointment in what had happened so far. Nick Clay and Dave Kirkwood to collaborate.

Ticketing paper

This was done by Jules Spencer and Adam Brown and submitted to the Fans Forum. It had started as a look at the Corporate tickets and expanded to look at issues such as Juniors, Aways as well as Corporates.


This would be considered in full at the January meeting. After which Jules, Phil and Nick would collaborate on re-writing the 'Redprint for Change' document.


There are still problems with the renewals and Mark Southee needed to speak to Rob Wilson about the monthly renewals idea.

Dave Kirkwood still needed to see the Standing Order forms, which were with Mark Longden.

If space permitted then we would look to include a tear off application strip in our pieces in the Fanzines.


Mark Longden accompanied Phil Gattenby, of SAFE, and Gary Hewitt to a meeting with Kate Hoey. She was very impressed by the discussions and was going on Watchdog to say that the debate should be reopened.

Phil Gattenby was to be advised to approach the Hillsborough Families group to try to appease them and give them the full info before the newspapers got there.

The feedback from the playing staff was that they would be in favour.


There is an email petition asking for no ticket price increases this year.


Liverpool got battered when they were there. Ray Eckersley was to be approached to write to the club on IMUSA's behalf asking them to take fans representatives with them in their advance preparations.


Date of Next Meeting
11 January 2020


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