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IMUSA Committee Meeting at O'Briens Stretford 12/4/01


TBC Seating Meeting And SAFE
Fans Forum


The committee under item 9 of the constitution has suspended the Treasurer, Dave Kirkwood. In that he failed to keep the appropriate financial records.

Monica Brady has been appointed as acting Treasurer until new elections are held at the AGM. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the true financial position of the organisation.


Mark Longden had spoken to Paddy Harveson about what role SPS fulfilled. He said the procedure should be that the Stewards were the first port of call. They could then choose to get SPS involved who would then involve the police if the thought it appropriate.

TBC Seating Meeting

Dave Pye had attended the Safety Committee meeting of Trafford Borough Council in his capacity as a journalist and gave a brief summary to the meeting.

TBC are not concerned with the situation at Premier League games as they feel that the work they have done with the club is satisfactory.

TBC are worried about the standing at European games after the standing at the Bayern Munich game. They would be looking to restrict the seating capacity in West Tier 2 by taking out rows or groups of rows or blocks. Tim Crabbe the FSA representative on the committee said that this could increase the risk of a fall with no one there to prevent it.

The GMP rep said that if that was the case then they may seek to close the whole section.

TBC would be writing to IMUSA. And talking to the Government.

Mike Adams would be taking soundings from the Tier Two Commandos.

Windy was going to write an article putting forward all the arguments pro-standing including the installation of barriers in seating areas.

Mark Longden would speak to Barry Brotherton to get clarification over the 28 day notification period and whether notice had already been served.

Mark Longden would also speak to Stuart Dykes about the company that did Derby's and Schalke 04's grounds to get some ide of costs.

The mood of the meeting was that something needed to be done if part of the ground was closed and an emergency meeting would be held if United made it through to the semi-finals.


Members were reminded about the AGM and the rules about standing for the committee or officers post or proposing a motion.

Fans Forum

It was proposed that Mike Adams attend the next Fans Forum as the official reserve for IMUSA.


The rumoured list of 300 persons who would not have their tickets renewed was to be raised by Mark Longden with Paddy Harveson. He would inform him that IMUSA would look unfavourably if news reached us of wholesale non-renewals.

Mark is being approached a lot over individual instances of people having trouble with SPS tickets.etc. and he was using a lot of his contact with Paddy Harveson addressing this sort of problem. He was going to suggest that the club put in some sort of independent appeals procedure.

Next Meeting

10th May 2001.

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