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IMUSA committee meeting minutes 13/9/01

CHARITY SHIELD. Send a follow up letter to Karl Evans. Mick M

LEAFLETS and PRINTING. Out of necessity we have a new printer. The Officers are to decide on the content of leaflet (it will probably be Roy's original text) IMUSA will send a thank you letter to Garath: Monica B

WAKELING MEETING. Vas gave a report basically saying ' we've paid for it we're having it'

TMBC and STANDING. There was a big debate with the conclusion being that we should pursue our line vigorously and really back the SAFE campaign.

IMUSA DISCOUNTS FOR FAMILY. Go ahead after checking with Mark S

FANS FORUM. It was agreed that we need to co-ordinate our approach with SU and friendly individuals. To the extent of producing joint documents where appropriate. Getting people to sign up to things before hand was seen as being good sense.

USE of PLATTS. Oli H was to explore the extension of use. The ultimate aim is to try to turn it into an IMUSA/SU clubhouse.

SU rep on IMUSA COMMITTEE. John Fletcher is to take on the role. This will not be a committee post currently, as the constitution will not allow it.

KEYON MEETING. Justin G to arrange it and continue to pursue players as guests.

DATES of MEETINGS. Second Thursday of every month regardless of fixtures. Open Meetings may substitute for committee meetings at the discretion of the officers.

MAKEMS v MANCS. Mark L to explore possibilities with ALS for a joint protest of allocation reduction.

ATHENS. Reports that the Club was paying everyone with a ticket 150 were welcomed.

WIMBLDON. IMUSA are to continue to offer the Dons fans support in their fight to get their own local stadium.

TICKET OFFICE FLOOD. A number of token sheets were damaged and the individuals had replacements provided. They did however get Chubbed for the next game they applied for. IMUSA is to monitor the situation.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. IMUSA is to turn out with membership forms and cards etc at the Trafford Park hotel before the Ipswich game. Steve D to OK it with the Landlord.



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