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Minutes of IMUSA Committee Meeting 10/4/03


Following on from all of the positive press coverage around the Fulham game there was a FSF Lobby of Parliament on 1st April. As well as the all-party Football group in attendance were the Opposition and Lim Dem Sports spokespeople. Everyone wants in on this campaign now.
Helen Goldsmith who did a lot of work on the PR and press side circulated a report that said if we were in the position to buy advertising space to gain the same impact as the press coverage it would have cost close to 285,000 and resulted in 26 million hits.
Mark L has written to Hutchens about the Police view on early kick-offs but has had no reply so far so he will chase it up.
The meeting backed the FSF line in opposing the lifting of the ban on screening live games on a Saturday afternoon.
Something will be done for the Charlton game but the meeting felt that the next big demo had to be a non-United game or at very least away from Old Trafford. It was suggested that Spurs as one of the other main sufferers of this should be approached. Windy is going to talk to his contacts in their Supporters trust.
We were also going to look at the feasibility of a weekend of action when more than one game is moved and the demonstrations can be spread over the whole weekend.


The debacle at the turnstiles where people did not get in until nearly halftime is to be taken up. Helen is talking to Mick Meade about a press release.
An official complaint is to be made to the club who have indicated that they will then take it to UEFA.


Is to be on 4th June.
Nominations for Committee and/or Officers need to be in asap.

Anti Racists World Cup

Vance is currently seeking funding to send a team again.
Steve Bennett is looking at taking his under 15's as well.

Id cards

It was decided that we could not back this campaign as organised by Steve Wallis as until it has specific football implications it would be a purely political standpoint. This would outside IMUSA's remit. It was agreed that a link to the website would be put on the IMUSA website.


SU want to pull out of Platt's as with the all of the early kick-offs it is not being used as well as it used to. Shifty is looking at getting a room at the Trafford.
Mark Southee, Duncan, Vas and Monica are to look at the database how to clean it up, put it online and enable online joining.

Fans Forum

Andy Walsh as the IMUSA rep walked out of the last Fans Forum when they said they wanted to tell the Forum about the planned price increases but they could not tell anybody else. Andy said as a rep he had a duty to tell IMUSA so he could not agree to the conditions.


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