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Minutes from 2020-09-09 Committee Meeting

Minuted by: Helen Goldsmith

September Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, September 9th 2004

Venue: Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester

Present: Jules Spencer, Vas Wackrill, Duncan Drasdo, Mark Southee, Sarah Hatton, Andy Walsh, Helen Goldsmith, John England, Scott Taylor, John Vestby, John Wroe, Swampy, Sue Bowers, Sue Holland, Paul Hurst, George Hurst, Colm Lambert, Colin Hendrie, Robert Bonay, Bryan Kearney, Phil Sheeran.


Apologies were received from Mark Longden, Nick Clay, Richard Stubbs, Ben Greenwood and JT.

Committee Meetings

JS outlined a new structure for future committee meetings, including publication of the agenda in advance of the meeting and minutes added promptly to the website.

Recruitment of IMUSA members

A recruitment drive to attract more members, particularly proactive people, was discussed by the meeting.

Ideas put forward included:
· Making it possible to join online
· Offering electronic, “associate” membership
· Logging and promoting all IMUSA activity as heavily as possible including on websites and fanzines
· Emailing fanzines articles (post publication) to all members who have email
· Emailing a monthly news bulletin to all members (e-musa?)
· Organising player meetings – at least two for the season
· Targeting supporters pre-match in pubs near the ground
· Hand out IMUSA flyers, application forms and badges pre-match
· Contacting the supporters club branch local to each away game and asking them to host a recruitment meeting
· Writing to all branches of the supporters club asking members to join
· Asking SU members to become associate members
· Using SU emails to publicise IMUSA
· Including application forms in future SU mail-outs

It was agreed the officers would pull together a set of proposals to raise the profile of IMUSA and attract more members – to be discussed at the next monthly meeting.

Takeover bid

JS flagged up that rumours about Malcolm Glazer making a takeover bid were still circulating and the issue would be on the agenda for the October meeting. He asked members to give some thought to how the issue could be tackled and publicised, for discussion next time.

Fans’ Forum

Some concerns were expressed about the club not consulting the Fans’ Forum on recent issues including the admin fee added to season tickets, and that feedback from the forum was not taken into account by the board when making decisions.

It was agreed that IMUSA, through its seat on the forum, would ask the club to undertake a full review of ticket prices and ground configuration – with the review carried out in a transparent way and the club giving full and reasoned feedback to the forum.

The motion was agreed as:

IMUSA demands that Manchester United give a firm commitment to – in full consultation with supporters – produce a review of price structuring and ground configuration for next season, in light of:
· The proposed 8,000 extra seats
· The ageing profile of the match-going supporters
· The need to engender loyalty from an early age and to encourage regular attendance
· Early signs of reduced attendances, both at Old Trafford and other clubs in the Premiership
· The need to maintain a vibrant atmosphere for the increasing number of games screened live, to maintain attractiveness for the TV companies.

It was agreed that officers will compile a list of issues they wish to see covered in the review, to be forwarded to the club.

Any other business

Swampy reported back on the Anti-Racism World Cup, where IMUSA was represented by a team. He also requested any help for kit sponsorship.

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