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Annual General Meeting of Independent Manchester United Supporters Association

Held at O'Briens, Stretford 1st June 2000


  1. Constitution
  2. Officers Reports
  3. Committee Election
  4. Officers Election


After some debate the draft constitution was accepted with some minor amendments. A full copy is available on the IMUSA website ( or by request to IMUSA, PO BOX 69, Stretford, Manchester.

Officers' Reports

The Officers all gave a verbal report outlining their activities for the year. These reports were accepted by the meeting. The Treasurer stated that a full statement of the organisation's financial position would be available at the first meeting of the new season.

Committee Elections

After a ballot the following members were elected to the committee.

Mark Longden
Monica Brady
Ray Eckersley
Nick Clay
Dave Kirkwood
Mark Southee
Tom Cusack
Adam Brown
Andy Walsh
Lee Hodgkiss
Mike Adams
Dave Pye
Mike Bateman
Chris Robinson
Linda Harvey
Duncan Drasdo
Steve Donahue
Rob Wilson
Eddie Taylor
John Sneyd
Julian Spencer
Sarah Hatton

Officers Elections

All of the Officers posts were uncontested and were filled as follows;

Chair - Mark Longden
Vice Chair - Ray Eckersley
Vice Chair - Monica Brady
Communications Officer - Nick Clay
Treasurer - Dave Kirkwood
Membership - Mark Southee
Joint Secretary - Tom Cusack
Joint Secretary - Adam Brown