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- Eric Cantona

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The return of football hooliganism

Last Updated 26-08-2020

or just more inaccurate stereotyping of football fans that is not backed up by the evidence?........
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Final, final, final last warning ...

Last Updated 25-07-2020

Government Summer deadline for Football Authorities to reform themselves now put back until the Autumn........
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BringRonaldohome 'campaign' wound up

Last Updated 01-07-2020

Cunning plan or just a daft idea that wasn't properly researched beforehand? ........
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All change

Last Updated 01-07-2020

David Moyes arrives at the 'Aon Training Complex' on day True Corp announce new sponsorship deal and Dave Gill slips out of the back door........
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United warning to fans

Last Updated 12-06-2020

Don�t waste cash trying to �buy� Ronaldo online........
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Last Updated 20-07-2020

AGM, 6th June 2013........
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