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Hazards: Part 2
Hazards: Part 3

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The hazards of sitting down - part 2

I can only echo Duncan's sentiments.

Only a few weeks ago I was being pushed fairly fast across the road whilst sitting in a Sainsbury's shopping trolly. As the person who was pushing me decided it would be a bit of a laugh to see how well I could drive the vehicle on my own he let go and I hurtled uncontrollably across a main road (thank goodness it was late at night) and hit a kerb. I was thrown out of the vehicle and sustained a nasty gash and bruises to both my legs. I tried the same feat last week but this time standing in the trolley (admittedly a Tesco's model) in a surfing style position. As I hurtled towards the curb at around 18 miles an hour I was able to jump out at my leisure and remain injury free whilst my chosen mode of transport collided with the kerb and toppled over.

Slightly amusing drinking tales aside, we must never accept that we cannot stand at the football matches if we want to. Keep up the pressure.



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