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Hazards: Part 2
Hazards: Part 3

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The hazards of sitting down - part 3

Fundamentally, I feel this is an issue of civil rights. Any government that decided standing on solid ground is 'dangerous' in any other context than at a football match would be laughed at. We should be informed of the risks and allowed to make our own decisions.

When it comes down to it, the disasters at Hillsbrough and Ibrox were caused by people entering and leaving the stadium in a uncontrolled fashion. Bradford showed that seats are no guarantee of safety in an emergency. In fact I would feel safer leaving a terrace in a hurry than the middle of a bunch of seats.

The real reasons we're not allowed to stand are :

  • ignorance of the national press to the issues
  • financial - charge more for seats
  • control - keep the nasty hooligans under control by glueing them to a seat
  • political - kneejerk reaction to Hillsbrough

Remember, Lord Taylor made hundreds of recommendations to improve safety and football in general in addition to all seater stadiums, but only the seating was ever focused upon.

We must keep up the fight for the right to stand.


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