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Roots - part 2

I have just read your posting with regards to the make up of crowds at games. (Not that kind of make-up David Beckham/Marc Overmars).

I have to say I agree with your sentiments, as I'm sure many decent match going reds do. There will however, always be a huge cultural difference between a Utd crowd and sitting as a spectator at an American football game.

One of the key things to me that makes/made going to Utd so, so different from many other sporting occassions, such as test cricket/Lancs games, world championship boxing, even rugby is that sense of involvement.

Although I enjoy these other things, nothing quite gives me the same incredible feeling as say (Norman's winner in 85), Eric in 96, last May! & One of the reasons for this I believe is the make-up of your fellow reds.

I do not condone organised or mindless violence at football, in fact I despise it, and similar to you (not in age..soz) I remember as a 12 year old in 1985 being scared shitless at Goodison before the semi, to the point that we couldn't take our seats until k.o. due to the barrage of coins, petrol bombs, iron bars etc, being so freely distributed by those lovable witty them!....However, supporting Utd is a far more physical thing in a tougher environment than all other sports, which in a mad sense adds to that feeling (poorly descrbed earlier!).

I can only apologise for boring you, but I do sense something going from the game. Wether I'm older, balder (27) or what, I've travelled Europe with Utd for 4/5 years solidly, my last for a while (baby on way) was Florence, and there weren't the same characters...60% cockneys who you feel were on their first trip.

I don't know what my point is, as such but there has to be a way for the club to combine the changing face/atmosphere of football (families/meals etc) whilst not leaving behind the less fortunately financially families where this wonderful game has its roots. Why should a dad from Eccles who earns £200 a week not be able to take his 10 year old lads/kids to OT, whereas a guy from Prestwich/Surrey/Norway/ wherever has the options. I know thats life, but the club/imusa/the FA/society should be aware of the damge this trend will have eventually on the game! phew!

Julian Butterworth


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