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Roots - part 3

Another great article from Pete Hargreaves!

I only take exception to one bit. I loved reading The Red Army Years. I was there. I was young and headstrong (now I'm just another headstrong old-ish fart!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the intimidation factor. I took great delight in actually avoiding violence (except one very painful experience with the Villa Steamers at The Windsor in Brum in 1981), but I was definitely there for the buzz! Unlike most of the Red Army ranks, I was there for the game first and foremost. I never missed a kick on the field. But I have to confess to enjoying the atmosphere!

Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree with Pete. Football has no future with the return to violence. It also has no future if all the fans just get old and die off.

Let's hope that somebody who has the power to change things takes the time to read Pete's letter.

Best wishes to Reds (Army veterans included!) everywhere

Steve Edge
Vancouver Red


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