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Euro aways
Euro aways: Part 2

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Euro aways - part 2

I couldn't agree with Adam more. Until recently I was one of those who regarded England fans as a bunch of racist bigots who got all they deserved. However, I object to fans of other clubs assuming that all United fans are gloryhunting part-timers, whilst happily having the same blinkered view of England fans. Double standards methinks.

Although there is clearly a very nasty racist element among England followers they are a minority who get the majority of the publicity. Did anyone see Panorama special on the subject last night (20th June)? Kevin Miles made the point that yobs of this ilk do not express their racist, bigoted views at home because it isn't acceptable for them to do so. Yet they feel free to do so when abroad. And this doesn't just apply to following England. I have heard reports that "No surrender to the IRA" was heard at a recent United Euro away (either Bordeaux or Madrid). I'm hoping it was a misheard "No surrender to the PLC"; but I doubt it. There are an increasing number of idiots following United on euro aways these days. I've lost count of the number of 'United fans' I met in Bordeaux or Madrid who never go to OT because they "can't get tickets". Anyone can go to a euro away - for a price.

And in my opinion draconian measures, like not allowing fans to travel or heavy-handed policing, not only make life difficult for ordinary fans, it's counter-productive anyway. Maybe it's time for us "ordinary fans" to take a stand and make it clear that we won't allow a minority to spoil the game for the rest of us. A kind of collective responsibility. Any ideas anyone??

Also whilst on the subject - I find it a bit rich listening to politicians spouting on about "football hooligans". The sort of nationalistic jingoism that seems to be behind much of the trouble which follows England is being openly traded on by the leader of the opposition party (whose name escapes me for the moment) in an attempt to win the next election. What else is "Save the pound" about? OK it doesn't actually mention saving us from frogs, krauts and dagos but the implication is clearly there and won't be lost on those who think that way.

Rant over, Monica

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