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Standing Up
Standing Up: Part 2
Standing Up: Part 3

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Post - 29 Jul/4 Aug

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Standing up for the Champions - part 3

I've just read Adam's points regarding all seater stadiums, and would like to bring up a topic that so far I have not seen mentioned anywhere.

As I understand the current situation, in the interest's of fans safety, supporters are supposed to remain seated, except in moment of high excitement, eg when there is a goal/attempt at scoring a goal.

This theory is fine for people like myself, as I am nearly 6ft tall, however, for a child this is a potentially dangerous problem, particularly in the family stands.

The reasons for this danger is that when fans stand up, the only way a child can see the action is to quickly jump up onto their chair. Obviously, it would only take a child to slip off the chair, and fall across the chair in front for a serious accident to occur.

I'm not sure the reason for this, (perhaps there is a problem with visibility here), but I have noticed the problem seems worse around the corners of the ground, where fans at the front stand up even when there is an attempt at goal, which causes fans further and further back to stand, which inturn requires children to jump up on the seats to see. What makes this more serious is that the corners of the West stand are those allocated as 'family stands', aimed at children.

This problem did not appear to occur before on the terraces, as children used to go to the front at the railings, whilst adults could stand further back on the stands, and this danger is a direct result of having all seater stadiums.

Hope these comments are useful in helping to reinstate 'safe' standing areas,

Yours sincerely,

Steve Bowater.

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