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News Item Date: 25/02/2020

Peter Kenyon: It's Now Down to You

It was hoped that the emergence of Peter Kenyon and the promise of consultation over ground configuration - the so-called "singing section" - would be the beginning of a Brave New World in which the club actually took on board the views of supporters. In reality IMUSA have not seen so much a Brave New World, but more like a false dawn, for, if anything, United's new man appears more unwilling to listen to supporters than Martin Edwards himself.

Can this be true? Can anybody else be more supporter unfriendly than Mr E.? At least with Mr Edwards you knew what was coming, agree or disagree - take your choice - but don't ever expect to be able to point out the error of his ways.

Peter Kenyon however appears to be a much more slippery character. To date, despite earlier promises to open a dialogue with supporters, he has failed to reply to three letters and two telephone calls on the West Stand proposals.

Should Peter Kenyon continue in this vein and present the initial plans as a solution to Old Trafford's problems - then the scheme's inevitable failure will be on his shoulders.

IMUSA can only do so much - it is now up to individual United supporters to write to him and urge him to accept that his top-tier plans are flawed. Urge him to at least listen to supporters' views on the subject - after all he it is us he wants to go up there!

Recent ticket allocations given over to travelling Reds have been nothing short of scandalous. Newcastle once again totally flout the 10 per cent rule - will they ever fail to find an excuse to not give us a decent allocation.

When the old 'building works' excuse fails they can glance down the North East Coast to Middlesborough who have halved our allocation for the forthcoming away match because of last years crowd problems? Did we shower the goalmouth with coins and missiles? Did we rip out seats and stampede on to the pitch? No - we stood up and had a cig! It defies belief. Assuming the Premier League will do their favoured ostrich impression it will be left to IMSUA to kick up a fuss - to, er, stand up for United fans and ensure what is nothing less than taking the mickey on a grand scale does not re-occur.

IMUSA are contacting appropriate authorities - at the very least we can try and ensure United get a decent allocation for future fixtures.

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O'Brien's was packed to the rafters for Sir Alex's appearance - you can find out more in the next issue of RedPrint.

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