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News Item Date: 23/06/2020

Cunningham appointment (Further info)

Re: Ian Gilmour's Task Force letter: (See Cunningham appointment)

Whilst I support the SOS and others' concerns (Cunningham is wholly unacceptable), there is a slight innacuracy in the letter in that it suggests that Cunningham will only be appointed if the Govt accept the Majority report. This is not the case - they look like appointing Dr Jack as the head of the new unit (Independent Football Commission, I think) regardless of whether it's the majority version or the minority one (the powerful Football Audit Commission in the Majority; and tokenistic Independent Scrutiny panel in the Minority)

In fact, they are almost certainly not going to approve the majority report as

  1. the FA, PL etc won't accept it and
  2. they won't legislate and therefore have to reach an accommodation (capitulate) with the FA.

One other point: in BOTH minority and majority reports, the new unit calls for appointments to be made openly, publicly and transparently. This means establishing what the remit of the unit is; outlining a job description for the chair and the panel; and inviting applications from candidates. Some back door agreement arrived at behind the scenes between No 10 (they want to give the poor lad something to do) and the FA is not what EITHER side calls for, which makes it extraordinary that the Government should pursue this strategy (suggestion: accusations of 'cronyism'/appointing mates would be particularly damaging to them).

But get writing and maybe copy to No 10

That's all
Adam Brown