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News Item Date: 21/09/2020

Press Release

IMUSA supports PFA call for a fair deal

The Independent Manchester United Supporters Association fully support the PFA's call for a fair share of the massive amount of money coming into the game from the new TV deals.

IMUSA chair, Mark Longden said:
"We believe the PFA should receive a guaranteed agreed percentage of any money coming into the game via TV. OK a few high profile players earn a lot of money nowadays but football has been played for over a 100 years. That's a lot of ex pro's who never earned a fortune, many of whom are suffering the consequences health wise, of entertaining the public."

He added:
"We have approached the FA, DCMS, Football trust etc to try to raise the finances for a number of campaigns to improve the lot of the match going fan and the only people who have ever supported us financially are the PFA"

IMUSA press officer, Jules Spencer said:
"IMUSA sent a 10 man team of under 26 year olds out to Italy in July for an Anti Racist 5 a side world cup competition. Without the help of the PFA we would not have been able to do this and England would have had no club representation out there"