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News Item Date: 04/11/99

Now available - "Not for Sale"
not for sale

Manchester United, Murdoch and the defeat of BSkyB

Adam Brown and Andy Walsh
(Mainstream Publishing)

On April 9 1999, BSkyB's attempt to buy Manchester United, was blocked by the Government. It was a huge victory for United fans who had campaigned tirelessly for seven months against the take-over. Not For Sale is a new book by Andy Walsh, Chair of the Independent Manchester United Supporters' Association (IMUSA), and Football Task Force member Adam Brown, which tells the full story of how it was achieved.

Rupert Murdoch usually gets what he wants so how come he failed this time? Not For Sale explains how a coalition of forces centred around IMUSA and Shareholders United Against Murdoch achieved what many thought was impossible.

Not For Sale reveals:

  • IMUSA's secret meeting with Sky executives
  • the background to the bid as television attempts to take-over the Peoples Game
  • the divisions within the New Labour Government and the role of Peter Mandelson
  • IMUSA's campaign strategy and friends in high places
  • how the Treble became a Quadruple with the rejection of the bid

The breadth of opposition to the take-over included barristers, solicitors, accountants and City stockbrokers who all gave their services for free to stop Murdoch. Discover how football supporters from virtually every club in the country came together to lobby MPs, crashing the fax machines in the Department of Trade and Industry and the Office of Fair Trading in the process. Every one of MUFC's 28,000 shareholders had to be contacted and discussions were held with the most unlikely allies. Read how the campaign gained momentum as ex-United players and fans from other European clubs threw their weight behind the campaign.

How did the media world react? In football, who lined up with the fans and who lined up behind Murdoch? Where did political support lie and who were Murdoch's lackeys? How did the take-over process contribute to Peter Mandelson's resignation?

How did a group of football fans who met in the dark and smoky rooms of the Stretford Trades and Labour Club go about stopping the world's most powerful media mogul taking over the world's richest club? And, with TV companies now buying stakes in a number of clubs, what does the future hold for football's relationship with television?

Drawing on a unique variety of sources - from oral testaments, recollection, original source material and media coverage and the unique experience of the two authors - Not For Sale is the story that no-one else could tell, revealing the full story behind the fans' victory.

Following successful negotiations with the publishers this book is available through IMUSA at a cost of £8.49 plus p&p

  p&p Total
UK £1.50 £9.99
Europe £2.50 £10.99
Rest of World £3.50 £11.99

Post your order to:
IMUSA, P.O. Box 69, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0UZ

Cheques payable to IMUSA in £s sterling please. Please include your postal address or a phone number with your order and mark your envelope "book offer"

Purchasing the book through IMUSA will raise extra funds, helping us to continue campaigning on behalf of supporters.