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- Eric Cantona

IMUSA news - 2007

For the families of those arrested in Italy

29th December 2007

IMUSA has good contacts in Italy and practical help is available to any of the families involved if they want to get in touch........
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Blind United fan jailed in Rome after being accused of fighting

21st December 2007

According to Italian police, four Manchester United supporters were part of an organised group of 60 hooligans. One of the arrested men, Kyle Dillon, is registered blind.........
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Many football clubs have more than 100 years of history and tradition behind them

20th December 2007

but bizarrely L.S. Lowry�s �Going to the Match� is subject to more stringent rules about its ownership than either of the two clubs the fans in that painting were going to watch........
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The enforcement of rules about standing in Football Grounds: Has this now become a civil rights issue?

14th December 2007

The Government admits that standing is safe & it is not against any law, yet fans conitinue to be assaulted, arrested and ejected for what is a mere technical breach of contract........
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Sit down, shut up and take what you're given

10th December 2007

Amid increasing reports of people being thrown out for persistent standing, we reprint here details of the IFC's official complaints procedure........
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Glazers in the Red

29th November 2007

Well covered in tomato sauce actually, as they scuttled their way out of a city centre restaurant - and then got stuck at the lights........
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