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Final, final, final last warning ...

English football’s three main governing bodies have until autumn to reform says government

The Government has extended the deadline for English football’s three main governing bodies to prove they have made “significant progress” in terms of reform following Greg Dyke’s arrival as Football Association chairman.

By Ben Rumsby Daily Telegraph 23 Jul 2020

Sports Minister Hugh Robertson had warned in April that he would legislate “as soon as practically possible” to force the changes he has demanded if there was no sign of the FA, Premier League and Football League making moves to do so themselves by the start of the coming season.

But with that deadline fast approaching, the Telegraph Sport has learnt that the footballing authorities will now be given to the autumn to get their houses in order, Robertson acknowledging Dyke needed time to determine the FA’s response, having been in the job for less than a fortnight.

Whether the extension has any effect remains to be seen, with some within the game viewing Robertson’s warnings as an empty threat due to Fifa’s rules on governmental interference in national associations.

Robertson and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee want to see English football overhauled in several areas, including a reduction in the FA board, the introduction of a licensing system for clubs and a marked improvement in supporter engagement.